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The Redneck has

It has taken us thirteen years of prototypes, research and experimentation and all our experience in custom pickups to perfect rails style pickups that we are happy with ... meet the Redneck! Classic output Tele® - bite and twang with no noise! Perfect for country, rockabilly or slamming out that Redneck Jazz! 


Plus ... The SoapyBucker! 

For those of you who want your favorite Oil City humbuckers in P90 size ... enter the SoapyBucker ... this one's a Blackbird SoapyBucker ...  you could have a Beano SoapyBucker or a Djenerator SoapyBucker ... in fact nearly all of our range just went soapy! 

Oil City hand made pickups are crafted in the East End of London 

Oil City Pickups are friends of stonewolf guitars

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