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Pickup  winding  supplies 

We make pickups for a living, but sometimes finding the right parts is a pain ... if you are a hobby winder and don't want to buy in bulk, the situation is even worse ... but never fear, we are here to help!


7 string_-4_edited.png
7 string_-3_edited.png
7 string__edited.png
7 string_-2_edited.png

Made in our own workshop with a precision laser cutter this flatwork is optimised for 5mm metric magnets. Imperial sizes availiable to special order.

Classic Tele® neck

Classic Tele® bridge

60s/70s Strat®

50s/60s Strat®

Strat® staggered magnet set for 1 pickup no bevel 

Strat® staggered magnet set for 1 pickup hand beveled at both ends

Top quality cloth covered hookup wire

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