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Expect to see content from Jeff in the near future  and demonstrations of what the amazing Neo X Breeds can do . Jeff can be found on:




At Oil City Pickups we are totally  stoked to announce that we have signed Jeff Munky as an Oil City Pickups endorsee ... he hung out with us at the last Birmingham guitar show, and is a great guy as well as a talented YouTuber and guitar teacher. Jeff will be getting together with us to promote Oil City and test new pickups and concepts. Jeff is an energy packed powerhouse personality and player - and we look forward to exciting times ahead!

As well as Oil City, Jeff is endorsed by Vigier guitars where his technique and passion are really making a mark – he currently plays Oil City Pickups Neo X Breed 7s.

Our Neo X Breeds offer flexibility for the more technical player, whether you down tune or not. This is our first pickup that uses neodymium magnets to create the 'Graduated Field' neo humbucker. The design uses different tuned length neo magnets under each string to control string pull and balance response. The Neo X Breeds work best with 250k pots as the frequency response is far more like a single coil than a traditional It's easy.

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