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The Djenerator was made for those who like to tune low … then a bit lower. Ultimate chug with as much scream as you want thrown in. A super-sized ceramic magnet in the bridge position with a lower winding spec than you’d expect make for a pickup with brutal power combined with unexpected clarity and string definition. Using our two stage potting technique the Djenerator keeps an almost vintage tone till the gain is piled on … then it cuts loose.

The neck Djenerator is built to complement its hooligan bridge companion … clear and almost vintage … shimmering when used clean … it can hold its own under gain without becoming clogged and muddy.

14k Bridge 

9.5k neck


Sold individually in Neck or Bridge. Other bobbins or covers may be available, please see the custom shop or contact us with your requirements. 




Oil City ‘Masterwound’ range

Our premium series: these pickups take on the top boutique makers worldwide, and set a new standard for tone.

‘Using the finest materials and with the most exacting assembly each Masterwound pickup is hand made, serial numbered and signed, by me alone’.

~ Ash

Image for illustrative purposes only: 12 screw, hex pole, bare nickel cover option availiable on request.


  • We wind pickups to order, please allow 21 days for build and dispatch

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