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The Oil City Masterwound Neo-X-Breed 7 is argueably the most advanced passive extended range pickup in the world.  

'As a pickup designer I wasn't happy with the bass tracking of some humbuckers - and those that had great bass tracking often were harsh and unmusical on the higher pitched strings. Neodymium magnets are common for bass applications, giving instant tracking and superb bass tightness ... but can easily have scratchy, ice pick top ends. I combined both neodymium and alnico in one pickup, using my own 'graduated magnetic field technology' to seamlessly blend the two magnet types. Bass authority is handled by neodymium , treble warmth and feel is handled by alnico (or in some custom versions ceramic). The Nro-X-Breed is a new concept in passive pickups for this new milennia - not mired in ideas developed in a previous century.



availiable in  and eight string (not clear bobbin) , slanted and streight configurations to special order


Oil City ‘Masterwound’ range

Our premium series: these pickups take on the top boutique makers worldwide, and set a new standard for tone.

‘Using the finest materials and with the most exacting assembly each Masterwound pickup is hand made, serial numbered and signed, by me alone’.

~ Ash

Masterwound: as fitted to Feline Guitars, the Blackmachine B6 and many quality UK made custom instruments.


Neo-X-Breed 7

  • We wind pickups to order, please allow up to 21 days for build and dispatch.

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