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The HonkyTonk Angel bridge is my ‘take’ on Leo Fender’s early broadcaster pickups. Wound with 43awg wire like the 1950 original, the ‘Angel’ has alnico 2 magnets for low string pull and singing sustain, and is wound to a whisker under 10k resistance, which is around the perceived output volume of a later 7.5k Tele pickup (wound with the later style 42awg wire).

The ‘Angel’ has a biting top end softer bass response and a sweet, singing middle.  perfect for those country pedal steel licks but much more versatile than just that. When pushing a good valve amp, that singing middle gets progressively more angry and combined with the stinging top end gives a really distinctive blues and rock tone.

Flat poles, hand cut flatwork, black string wrapping and cloth covered hook-up wires combine with our distinctive gun blued steel baseplates to make a quality package.

Didn’t know who made Honkytonk angels? Well you do now!


Get it in the neck

Alnico 3 tele neck pickups are fairly thin on the ground so we made something special to fill the gap. Alnico 3 is characterised by a sweet, soft attack, with low string pull and unparalleled string clarity and separation. Couple that with smooth, rounded lows and you have an ideal 'clean' tele neck pickup. However coupled with a pedal, like a Tubescreamer or similar and a good valve amp it can produce smooth singing sustain and is a great choice for blues. 6.8k (average).

Honkytonk Angel

  • We wind pickups to order, please allow 21 days for build and dispatch.

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