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Something a bit new for Telecaster here: There are several 1/4” pole tele sets on the market, but very few take this approach: The bridge unit is not only built for power, but for tone.

Wound with 43awg wire to 13k it has all the output you might need, but not the ‘over compression’ of some 17k units. It still has bags of ‘Tele’ in there, just fat and powerful Tele!

The neck unit too breaks the mould too, many 1/4” pole ‘sets go for a standard size pole in the neck, even a stacked configuration humbucker. We have gone for a fully matching pair with a 10k, 1/4” pole neck unit, again built for tone. Still obviously ‘single coil’ in sound, this has overtones of P90 while still being Tele to the core.


Note: because of the custom designed, over sized,  and in-house laser cut flatwork, the neck pickup will not take a cover.


  • We wind pickups to order, please allow 21 days for build and dispatch.

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