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With more than a nod to ‘Super-PAF’ pickups we have designed in the past and have been very successful,  The Natural Sel-X-ion is designed for those who like the clarity of active pickups but don’t really want sterile tone - with no headroom.  Made to be the go-to pickup for guitarists wanting maximum versatility in the low tuning and grit needed as we round out the first quarter of the 21st century, while maintaining the ‘manners’ and touch sensitivity of much older designs.

Available in six, seven string conventional humbucker versions,plus ‘active soap-bar mount’, and eight string versions to special order + clear bobbin 6 and 7 string!


11k Bridge, 7.2 Neck


Oil City ‘Masterwound’ range

Our premium series: these pickups take on the top boutique makers worldwide, and set a new standard for tone.

‘Using the finest materials and with the most exacting assembly each Masterwound pickup is hand made, serial numbered and signed, by me alone’.

~ Ash

Masterwound: as fitted to Feline Guitars, the Blackmachine B6 and many quality UK made custom instruments.


The Natural Sel-X-ion

  • We wind pickups to order, please allow up to 21 days for build and dispatch.

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