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The Brass Knuckle is back!

After over a year missing from our pickup lineup ... it's back and it's better than ever!

For those of you who have never encountered this little beast before here's a rundown:

At first sight you might mistakenly take this for a normal humbucker ... it's far more than just that.

Firstly it's custom made double height bobbins are wound with 'Heavy Formvar' wire to be fully independent single coil pickups if you split the the pickup ...with both bobbins sharing a heavy steel 'inductance plate' that gives a similar effect to a Tele base-plate: pushing the mids and output.

Run as a humbucker the bridge version it's a 13k medium output unit with a very wide tonal spectrum. The highs are crystal clear due to the individual alnico 5 magnets it uses as pole pieces (as opposed to the bar magnets used in most humbuckers) and the bottom end is fat and fast tracking.

In single coil mode you can play with wiring options and select either of the coils alone for a more 'Strat' or more 'Tele' type of sound.

Versatility wise the Brass Knuckle can handle everything from metal to country and has a unique voice subtly different to any conventional humbucker.

Because of the labour intensive hand made bobbins etc this pickup has been slotted back into the Masterwound range with all the custom options that go with our premium pickups: Clear bobbins, tapped coils ... all available.

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