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Welcome to a new site and a new blog!

Hello, Happy New Year! Welcome to the new Oil City Pickups blog, and indeed the new Oil city site. We have made it more dynamic, added much more content, and hopefully easier to navigate.

This blog will keep you up to date on all the latest from the Oil City, and hopefully keep you entertained with ‘how to’ articles, and photo stories from our workshop.

So what have we been developing deep in the heart of Oily Towers? Well, more and more of our customers have been asking for ‘extended range’ pickups for seven and eight string instruments. It’s always been our policy to design this type of pickup from scratch, not simply to make ‘longer’ versions of our existing six string models as most other companies do.

BlackWolf 7 humbucker

We believe that the demands of modern extended range players require radical new thinking to deliver the ultimate sound balanced across the entire frequency range. We are using a whole raft of ground breaking construction and winding methods to deliver truly exceptional tools for a new wave of guitar heroes. Watch this space.

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