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A big move for Oil City

This doesn't look much at the moment, but soon it will be new and much larger home for Oil City pickups.

During the last seven years we have developed a world wide following for our products, and indeed, export all over the world.; all from a tiny 10x7 foot workshop! That's all changing. With around five times the bench and work space we previously had we will be able to bring you more of the world beating pickups we have become known for.

Our CO2 gas laser cutter that shapes our in-house single coil 'flatwork' will now be in it's own dedicated bay, and we will have space for multiple 'winding stations' and a packing and dispatch area. Of course we are super excited about the move, but we won't forget to thank the customers who have believed in us from day one, many of whom sport several guitars each equipped with our pickups.

We'll being you more photographs as soon as we can ...

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