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The ‘Wharf’ was initially designed as a ‘special’ for a customer, but the formula has proved so popular that we have gone all the way and included it as a regular production pickup.


At it’s heart is the 10k HonkyTonk Angel, my popular 43awg wound ‘Broadcaster’ style pickup, which was described by one customer review as ‘the best Esquire pickup in the world’.

This is then tapped and wound on to 15k giving a traditional early fifties sound and at the flick of a switch a big mid boost and a snarling rock tone. Still unmistakably Tele, but Tele on steroids!

To add to this, the top three treble strings are served by alnico 2 magnets as in the ‘Angel’, but the bottom three bass ones are powered by alnico 5 for maximum grunt and twang!

Availiable bridge only: pairs well with Honky Tonk Angel neck, or Hardman neck for slightly higher gain tones.



Wapping Wharf

  • We wind pickups to order, please allow 21 days for build and dispatch.

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