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Humbucker sized ‘P90’ single coil:

Though they are one of the oldest pickup designs around, P90s never seem to lose their appeal. However, it’s only in fairly recent years that the tone of a proper ‘90’ has been available in humbucker size.  

In the early days pickup winders fudged about using humbucker bobbins inside P90 style casings, or cut down P90 bobbins to fit ‘bucker’ sized covers. Unlike other companies we don't do fully nickel covered HB P90s, as our tests and research shows that a nickel cover is the only reason why a HB sized P90 could sound different to a traditional dog ear or soap bar P90. For us tone is everything.


Oil City humbucker sized Mighty Nineties are wound like their proper, full sized cousins: using a specially designed bobbin (made by us) to capture as much of that vintage tone as possible.

The Mighty Ninety has a resistance of 7.5 neck, 8k bridge (average) and a sweet but edgy classic tone. Under drive it becomes progressively ruder and more aggressive.

Built with classic alnico 5 magnets, 49.2mm (classic Gibson) string spacing, and open topped (nickel or black ring) in 49.2.

The Mighty-Ninety

  • We wind pickups to order, please allow 21 days for build and dispatch.

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