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Back in the day I used to gig a Les Paul Special with two P90s and over the years I've had many P90 equipped instruments ... I love the bright but punchy P90 sound.

However the P90 is not a pickup renowned for being quiet  ... and you may find that in some venues it's simply not livable with. Hum cancelling P90 stacks are always a tone compromise, so I decided to produce the Soapybucker form factor that allows all your favorite Oil City humbucker tones to be bolted into your P90 routed guitar with no mods. A classic alnico 4 PAF style pickup like my Beano in Soapybucker guise will give you pure PAF style goodness with no tone compromise ... or you can have Blackbird or Djenerator Soapybuckers and get hard rock to wild metal tones"


Priced as single pickups.

For each varient see the specs of the full size humbuckers ... these will be the same. 

SoapyBucker P90 size humbucker

  • We wind pickups to order, please allow 21 days for build and dispatch.

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