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An overwound hot-rod of a pickup - where the mids are nice and fat, yet the top end and bottom end also stand out.

Sounding like a blend of humbucker and single coil for a tone as brown as they come.

42 gauge wire Alnico 5 magnets.


*Pictured - Custom red bobbins, please see custom shop or contact us. 


Sold individually in Bridge position only. 


Oil City ‘Masterwound’ range

Our premium series: these pickups take on the top boutique makers worldwide, and set a new standard for tone.

‘Using the finest materials and with the most exacting assembly each Masterwound pickup is hand made, serial numbered and signed, by me alone’.

~ Ash

As fitted to Feline Guitars, Carillion Guitars, The Blackmachine B6 and many quality UK made custom instruments.


  • We wind pickups to order, please allow up to 21 days for build and dispatch.

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