The FortyNiner 2012 Set

This is the spirit of where it all began.  Bridge: The FortyNiner bridge pickup is based on the modified lap steel pickup that powered the very first of Leo’s new, prototype solid electric guitars, a design that would finally become the Telecaster we all know and love.

Unlike many later bridge Tele pickups, this was wound with finer, 43awg wire giving a little more compression and growl, and powered by alnico 3 magnets, rather than the later, ‘sharper’ alnico 5s. The lower string pull of alnico 3 helps your guitar achieve its best sustain, and cuts out the ‘ice pick’ highs of some later designs.

The Fortyniner neck pickup is a 'tweaked' version of our alnico 3 neck HonkyTonk Angel 


This is a limited run special promotion set! 

Please note hookup wire colours/string binding may change with availiability

The FortyNiner 2012 Set

  • Special promotion 4 working weeks build time