p90 Single Coil pickups

Though they are one of the oldest pickup designs around, P90s never seem to lose their appeal. However, it’s only in fairly recent years that the tone of a proper ‘90’ has been available in humbucker size. 

Vintage Output

"Smoother blues" 

Nightwatch Alnico II


"Mildly compressed tones" 

Jazzwatch Alnico III


"Raw and mean" 

Firewatch Alnico V


"Depth and zing" 



high Output

"The beast with heavy boots of lead" 

The Void


Humbucker  Sized

"Sweet but edgy" 

The Mighty-Ninety


"Huge grinding mids and bass" 



"Buttery, singing leads" 



"Maximise natural sustain" 



"Powerful bass and midrange" 

Critical Mass-Ninety

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