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A  neo  era  in  pickup design

Jeff 1.jpg

For some time at Oil City Pickups we have been working on what we believe to be the 'next generation' of passive guitar pickups. Modern rock and metal pickups are being asked to produce a sonic range far in excess of the requirements of music when humbuckers were first designed in the 50s. Large amount of gain, lower tunings, and even seven and eight string instruments all add up to a need for a new way of building pickups. Other pickup manufacturers have simply stretched their existing designs to suit extended range instruments, but we believed a whole new approach was needed.  

We've always been  excited by the possibilities of neodymium magnets: they have a bass response and super fast tracking that even beats ceramic ... but other manufacturers have always struggled with ferocious string pull and excessive treble.

Enter the Oil City Masterwound Neo-X-Breed.

We have been making single coil pickups that mix magnet types for several years, and now we have a humbucker that combines the bass authority and string definition of neodymium for the lower strings, with the warmth of conventional magnets for the treble.

Left is our Oil City Pickups artist Jeff Munky with his 7 string Neo-X-Breeds

The Neo-X-Breed was due for official release and sale to the public in March 2020, but Covid 19 got in the way of that one. We are hoping to release in the next monrh (July 2021).


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