Aug 3, 2018

P90 neck/SC bridge combo for Tele?


Hi Ash. I'm considering a build or upgrade and this is the combination I'm after. My influences are Graham Coxon, Johnny Greenwood, PJ Harvey, Chrissie Hynde and outside of Tele players Johnny Marr and Rich Robinson. What would you recommend to cover that range?

Aug 4, 2018

Hi :-)

Something bright and more 60s orientated I think. Perhaps our Masterwound Summer of Love 67 set ... or from our standard range a Thames Delta set. Both are not overly powerful, and have a nice, open feel: fat twangy bass from the alnico 5 magnets and the 42awg wind of later Tele units. For added versatility you could try a Thames Delta neck with a Diesel Tap bridge pickup and fit a push pull vintage/high power switch.


Aug 4, 2018

You mean a P90 in Tele bridge format? Our Alligator and Kayman come very close.

Aug 6, 2018

There are size/technical limitations in making SC sized P90 neck Tele pickups. I've made a couple before to special order ... e mail me if you'd like to discuss a custom job ... or give us a ring.

Oct 7, 2018

A suggestion would be something designed around the SD Hot P90; awesome sounds from gritty blues to fat sustained dynamic goodness 😋

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