Extended range bar

At Oil City Pickups we have been at the forefront in developing pickups for 7 and 8 string guitars for the last ten years. I personally believe very strongly that the approach taken to extended range pickups by just about every major manufacturer is wrong! The usual approach is to offer 7 and eight string versions of their normal 6 string products, entirely ignoring the fact that the 7 and 8 string guitar has a tonal range far wider than conventional humbuckers - that owe their basic design to the 1950s - can cope with.  

Here you will find pickups designed for the sonic role the extended range guitar has in modern music.

As usual with Oil City Pickups: no compromise! 

Not  pickups  that  are  part  of  the  crowd!

"Clearly the right track!"

"‘Far from sterile" 

"A new breed"