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We make up our pickups in small batches and don’t carry large stocks, so please allow 7-10 working days for dispatch,  we may well have to wind your pickup for you. If you are in a rush please contact us ... we just might have your pickup in stock. Postage and packing quoted is for UK and is calculated on the value of the order at the checkout ... We’re happy to post worldwide ... Just ask for a quote.

Wide Range and BrassKnuckle

£69.00 bridge or neck  + £7.50 P&P

First The BrassKnuckle bridge position ... then middle, then the new neck position.

“I've put your Brass Knuckle into the bridge of my '76 SG and it's just awesome. It's got warmth, harmonics, grit, sustain, and, much more importantly... string! 

Seriously, it's a truly excellent pickup. I've currently got a Harmonic Designs Z-90 and a TV Jones Magnatron in my archtop after a lot of swapping including Gibson T-tops and vintage P90s, SDs, Bareknuckle, Lollars and more, so I've tried an awful lot of well-regarded pickups, and this is really, really good. It'll stand up to any of them easily.” Chris

Nothing looks or sounds like a BrassKnuckle! Designed to give the bite and cut of a single coil in a humbucking package. It has individual alnico poles for each string, a ferrous reflector plate, four conductor wiring that allows you to split down into a meaty 6k (average) single coil. Asymmetric scatter coil winding for an open, organic tone, and string protective wrapping like a vintage Tele pickup!

Available  9k neck or 11k  bridge. 50mm or 52mm spacing. Short leg only.

Note: neck units tape wrapped.

Oil City pickups have no connection with Fender Musical Instruments Gibson or Gretsch.

Available as 7 and 8 string to special order … please phone
bobbin colour
Home Products about contact us Help and faqs

Until I contemplated building one I never really thought about the Seth Lover designed Wide range pickup … except that two of my greatest guitar heroes … Albert Collins and Mick Green (of the Pirates) had used Teles equipped with them. Their round, clear and powerful sound … mixed with the bridge single coil helped define both guitarist’s characteristic tone.

The Buccaneer (named in honour of Mick) is a full sized, direct replacement for the 71 style Fender Wide Range; giving the clarity and bite missing from the Fender reissues. Rather than the expensive and almost impossible to get threaded CuNiFe magnets used in the original, the buccaneer uses alnico 5 rod magnets for each string … with a dummy screw slot to keep up appearances! This allows the price to be more than competitive with some of my boutique rivals.

Built with uniform string spacing between bridge and neck … like the originals, and with a resistance of 10k neck, 10.8k bridge (average) from the correct 42awg wire … again like the originals, other manufacturers use 43awg … these pickups are the most cost effective way to a closer to original WR sound.

£89.00 each + £7.60 P&P

Note, as these use rod magnets it’s easy to have custom options like alnico 2 or 3!



Special order only at the moment

Phone or e mail for details