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One of our customers demos  a Hard Man Tele neck pickup and a Diesel Tap bridge unit ... Thanks Jef!

We don’t know why the tapped output single coil fell out of favour. With this, and a push/pull pot you can have a vintage 6k glassy, cutting ‘country’ Tele ... And a barking 9k rock and roll beast. No batteries no hassle. A proper single coil sound ... not like splitting a humbucker!

Ideal for wringing the maximum versatility from your Tele, or brilliant for extra sounds from that Esquire. This is the best of sixties style Tele® … compared to the Wapping Wharf’s fifties sound.

Fibre flat work, scatter wound, alnico 5 magnets, cloth hookup wire.

We make up our pickups in small batches and don’t carry large stocks, so please allow 7-10 working days for dispatch,  we may well have to wind your pickup for you. If you are in a rush please contact us ... we just might have your pickup in stock. Postage and packing quoted is for UK and is calculated on the value of the order at the checkout ... We’re happy to post worldwide ... Just ask for a quote.

Telecaster® tapped output

Oil City pickups have no connection with Fender Musical Instruments Gibson or Gretsch.

The ‘Wharf’ was initially designed as a ‘special’ for a customer, but the formula has proved so popular that here it is as a regular production pickup.

At it’s heart is the 10k HonkyTonk Angel … my popular 43awg wound ‘Broadcaster’ style pickup … described by one customer review as ‘the best Esquire pickup in the world’.

This is then tapped … and wound on to 15k … giving a traditional early fifties sound … and at the flick of a switch a big mid boost and a snarling rock tone. Still unmistakably Tele, but Tele on steroids!

To add to this, the top three treble strings are served by alnico 2 magnets as in the ‘Angel’, but the bottom three bass ones are powered by alnico 5 for maximum grunt and twang!

As usual the build quality is super high … and full mounting hardware is supplied.

Note : switch not included, but available here

Note : switch not included, but available here

Home Products about contact us Help and faqs
THE SAWN-OFF 14.5k noiseless Tele

There are many single coil sized Tele bridge humbuckers about … but as far as I know, I make the  only hand built ones available in the UK.

This little brute has a heafty 14.5 k resistance and a prodigious top end. Razor-cut raw and biting … roll off the tone a little and we are in normal humbucker territory


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