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Oil City pickups have no connection with Fender Musical Instruments Gibson or Gretsch.

Vintage output

Vintage hot

Tapped output

Rail humbuckers

From the earliest alnico 3 sets … to the classic sixties sounds … surf to pop and on to emerging rock.

Sometimes we just need a little more help … some extra grunt to hit your amplifier in the front end, some more juice to make your pedals sit up and take notice. Our pickups are carefully designed to keep them Stratty … even at extremes.

Not sure why tapped single coils are not more popular … they give you the best of moderate and higher output designs … with no down side! These can be our secret!

The most versatile output Strat® sets you can buy.

High output

Hybrid magnet

My Strat® pickups are available in sets or singly and are wound south polarity  with the centre RWRP (except on the Rocket 55 set).

My new Hybrid magnet ‘’Calibre’ pickups are something very different and give yet more choice to the player.

Ever wanted the sweet, flute like top end of a vintage alnico 3 pickup … combined with the powerful ‘piano’ bass of a later alnico 5 one? Having your cake and eating it? With our .53 set the top three strings have alnico 3 magnets, the bottom three strings alnico 5 … win win!

for Strat®


Strat vintage outputStrat vintage hotStrat high outputStrat hybrid magnetStrat high output