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Bass pickups

Custom shop/rewinds

From 1954 till the present day this curvacious  beauty has been in the hands of some of the greatest music legends. We produce Strat® pickups that go to from ‘surf’ to ‘Texas Blues’ and on to metal.

We produce a huge range of humbuckers, from fifties style low output … to fire breathing, multiple magnet beasts, and 7 and 8 string extended range units too. We have also paid homage to some older and more unusual designs to bring you the ultimate in tone!

One of the oldest electric guitar pickup designs, The P 90 remains one of the most popular. It can growl away in rock and roll, punk or blues. It fits in happily to smokey jazz and flat out metal. We make several flavours … right up to the titanic 22k alnico 8 Void!

We have wound custom bass pickups for ages … but we thought it was time to put some ‘off the peg’ goodies out there for the bass players.

All you need to rewire your guitar … and soon pre wired harnesses too!

We can rebuild and rewind pretty much any vintage or modern pickup … give us a try.

Sixty five years in production … and perhaps one of the most iconic and yet most modified guitar designs.We make traditional to wild pickups perfect to suit your own personal ‘hammer of the honky tonk gods’

Jaguar® and


Stratocaster® Telecaster® Humbuckers P90 bass Custom shop/rewinds

Oil City pickups have no connection with Fender Musical Instruments Gibson or Gretsch.

It’s been a while happening … but lots of ‘offset’ goodness here!

Jaguar® and Jazzmaster®

Other products


My new premium range … Designed to compete with the very best in the world … at any price.

Pots, caps, baseplates etc Masterwound series Telecaster® Stratocaster® Humbuckers P90 P90 Humbuckers Custom shop/rewinds