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Amongst the oldest of pickup designs, the P90 is still a firm  favourite.

A pickup that’s easy to make … yet surprisingly hard to make well

Coming shortly will be a P90 designed especially for the Fender Jazzmaster!

Oil City pickups have no connection with Fender Musical Instruments Gibson or Gretsch.

Vintage output

High output

Tapped output

This covers the earliest ‘lap steel’ derived specification pickups, through the fifties and sixties and culminating at the 67 inspired Summer of Love set.

From classic construction with a bit more punch, to the aggressive bite of the Alligator T90. This includes our best selling HardMan set.

Not sure why tapped single coils are not more popular … they give you the best of moderate and higher output designs … with no down side! These can be our secret!

Players from Albert Collins to Mick Green of the Pirates have favoured the unique tone of the ‘Wide Range’ our Buccaneer is a worthy successor to that legacy.

Humbucker sized

Pots, caps, baseplates etc

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Jazzmaster 90

Vintage outputHumbucker sized P90High output P90Pots, caps, baseplates etcTapped P90