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Oil City pickups have no connection with Fender Musical Instruments Gibson or Gretsch.

New for  2017 The Masterwound ‘Lizzie Belle’  Strat size P90 The Wapping Wharf

“Even without the coil switching this is one of the very finest T-type sets we have so far encountered. Factor in the switching and you get classic tone without any compromises.” Guitar and Bass magazine

Tele tapped and SC sized humbucker


It’s always great to see our pickups featured in fine luthier built British instruments: Above a pair of Feline Lion guitars equipped with our ‘Masterwound TubeSnake pickups … a serious nod to a certain top hat wearing guitarist. Right, is a ‘Feline Cub’ with a pair of our Masterwound ‘Dynamites’ on board. The Dynamite being a tribute to a famous,‘school suit’ clad Australian.

Lizzy Belle