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Classic output

Where it all started … rooted in the ‘Patent Applied For’ designs of the late fifties … and the gold standard for Blues and classic rock.

When you need to hit the input stage of your amp hard … these are the beasts to do it… but designed for clarity and string definition as well as blistering power …

Two very special designs … both utilising individual rod magnetic poles for single coil clarity and humbucker punch.

I won my reputation with my single coil pickups, especially my Telecaster® ones … but more and more guitarists are discovering that my humbuckers provide a refreshing alternative to the products from the big companies.

I produce  pickups ranging from classic fifties style lower output,  to modern hot ‘shredding beasts’ … there’s something for everyone here … with more to be added soon.

Versatile and comfortably powerful, these pickups will handle a whole lot of different genres.

Modern output


High output

Firebird & mini

Wide Range and BrassKnuckle

‘That’ sound that defined rockabilly and early rock and roll … but in a regular humbucker size

Often neglected designs with a sound all of their own.

Classic output modern output G style Wide Range and BrassKnuckle

Oil City pickups are now an option on fine Dan MacPherson custom built guitars!

Firebird® and mini

Oil City pickups have no connection with Fender Musical Instruments Gibson or Gretsch.

Humbuckers High output