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These pre wired harnesses are made in our workshop with the finest quality components … they are not the cheapest on the market, but I believe they are amongst the best.They feature CTS 450 series close tolerance pots, CRL and Oak Grigsby switches (for Tele 4 way) and Switchcraft sockets. Capacitors are Oil City ‘paper in oil’.  

If you don’t see what you want here … we can probably make it for you … give us a call on 0208 257 0281

Pre wired harnesses Standard: Strat SG Les Paul ‘four way switch’: Tele Esquire Standard 50s mod Eldred ‘Cocked wah’ mod: 50s style: Tone on bridge  pickup mod: 50s mod:

The standard since the 50s … premium CTS vintage taper pots, Oil City PIO cap CRL switch and switchcraft jack socket. Also availiable with treble bleed kit

Like the standard but featuring an Oak Grigsby four way switch to give bridge and neck pickups in series as a fourth sound option. Note: your neck pickup must have it’s ‘ground lifted’ for this mod to work.

My favourite Esquire mod … for that ‘notched’ cocked wah in the third position (position 1 ‘blower’ = no tone control in circuit, position 2 = tone in circuit, position 3 = cocked wah).

The standard since the 50s with the addition of a five way switch … premium CTS vintage taper pots, CRL switch and switchcraft jack socket.

Premium 50s style LP harness for ‘that’ tone. Available with or without switch and output jack.

Simple mod that allows you to tame that bridge pickup!

Extra tones and a mild treble bleed effect from a similar style of wiring to ‘50s style Gibson’.

The same sweet 50s style tone and control interaction as found in 50s style Les Paul wiring … but for your SG.

LP 50s
SG 50s
Strat 5 way
Esquire 'Eldred'
Tele four way
Tele standard