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Home Products about contact us Help and faqs

I’m happy to quote for rewinds and repairs to all makes and ages of pickups … from £30 per coil plus P&P

e mail me  

You can phone me direct too on +44 208 257 0281 … always up for a chat!

Coming from an engineering family for three generations … I fully subscribe to the motto ‘if you can think of it … I’ll try and make it for you!’

All of my designs can be modified to suit your requirements … and I can even come up with new custom pickups that fit very few stereotypes. Work is on a ‘per job’ quote basis … so contact me with your ideas and we’ll discuss them!

Right: a set of custom bass humbuckers scratch built to order

Custom shop and rewinds

Oil City pickups have no connection with Fender Musical Instruments Gibson or Gretsch.