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Oil City pickups have no connection with Fender Musical Instruments Gibson or Gretsch.

Home Products about contact us Help and faqs

Andy Siwik’s Tele and Esquire

Hi Ash,


I've just completed the Tele the Thames Delta pickup was for (Pic Attached).

 If anything it sounds even more spectacular than the "Hard Man" - if in a slightly different way.

 Very sweet and expressive - it really sounds great with a swamp ash bodied Tele.

Not at all thin and one dimensional as most modern single coil pickups do.


Absolutely wonderful!


Thank you once again for getting it to me so fast and for building such a great pickup!!

Many thanks,


Best Regards,


Below: Andy’s ‘Hard Man’ equipped Esquire. Above and left his ‘Thames Delta’ bridge pickup powered Tele!

Ian Bolton’s Bigsby equipped Tele

With one of our Oil City ‘Thames Delta’ Tele bridge pickups this is an absolute stunner. Well done Ian, I’m drooling over this one ... Ash

Right: Mark Wedge’s Firebird ... We wound him some special ‘Mighty Nineties’ with a little extra bite!

“The pick-ups are fantastic and just what I was looking for. They have added a fantastic amount of articulation to the sound of the guitar whilst maintaining enough power for the classic rock and blues I will be playing with it. They have undoubtedly made the guitar much more versatile and responsive to the subtleties of pick attack and playing dynamics.”


I have a massive soft spot for Firebirds ... And this one looks the business …. nice one Mark


“I wanted to build a signature guitar by modifying one of my telecasters. Two musical influences and Tele users close to me were Joe Strummer of The Clash and Wilko Johnson from Dr Feelgood. There is an amazing guitar project dedicated to Joe Strummer’s guitar at though my own preference was to emulate one of Wilko’s 1963 black telecasters. One of his guitars can be seen in great detail on the YouTube site ‘Wilko Johnson Special Playing Analysis’.

The guitar is still a work in progress and currently still needs threaded bridge saddles and flat topped volume and tone knobs adding. I’ve used a triple ply scratchplate to Wilko’s single ply. Wilko has more than one of these black Teles with various states of wear and tear so I’ve kept mine fairly tidy. The Dr Feelgood sticker is of course purely artistic license.

I wanted to beef up the bridge pickup and there was really only one choice! Dr Feelgood (from Canvey Island on the Thames Delta aka Oil City) are quintessentially British with American influence. When I discovered a British independent pick up manufacturer called ‘Oil City Pickups’ with a telecaster bridge pick-up called the Thames Delta Bridge, it was a done deal! The guitar sounds amazing and is a dream to play…..”

Right: Jason Harris’ ‘Azzacaster’ … one of Jason’s first attempts so he tells me … sumptuous nitro finish and two tapped Buccaneers … brilliant.

Left: A beautiful Tele featuring my Scrapyard Dog humbuckers by luthier Richard Blake.

Clive McKinley’s  Strat … to balance out all this Teleness …

Here is a pic of my finished guitar, it's a 'Bitsa' really...fitted with your 'Stonetone' Oil City pickups.. Loving guitar is complet sounding incredible!!!

Kind regards


Hey Ash,
The pickup arrived yesterday and I installed it as soon as I came home from work. WOW! What a sound it's really made my Les Paul come alive. I'm amazed it has that really crisp edge but still sounds big and chunky. I'm really impressed and will definitely recommend you to all my friends and fellow musician chums. Also thanks for being so quick to respond and get it out for delivery.
Thanks again.
Bowyn Madley

David Marsh’s Harmony … complete with Oil City Brass Knuckle.

I wanted to write to you and let you know how my Tele is with it’s new pickups, now it's a month or so on from having them fitted.

Headline reads: "Telecaster transformed into a unique and personal statement".

Now i knew there would be a difference and i expected it to be profound but not quite as profound as this. Overall the guitar (which was bright and sparkly to start with) has gained a sparkle and clarity it previously lacked. Forget actual tone for a minute, it's the sheer clarity and depth of the sound it makes now which shocked me and now i've played it on a couple of occasions in public (most recently the Knackered Jack Session in Walsall last weekend), the comments it gets from people is amazing, like it proves that it's not just me who can hear that Unique "Something" that it has. I am in no doubt that the posh rewire i had already had done by Jonathan, replacing all the std Fender pots switches and jack and including Jon's favourite Paper in Oil Cap, is helping these new pickups sound their best but that's really an aside point. The Sheer quality of what you've made is abundant and unavoidable to anyone listening. In terms of playing it, when you get it just right with both right and left hand and the sonic shudder you were looking for finally comes, the 'Reward' (for want of a better word) is massive for the player.

So, to talk about what they actually do. First the Bridge. Alligator P90.

It's known now as the 'Growl' Position. Close your eyes and it's just not a Telecaster you're hearing, it's a pissed Telecaster that's high on Crystal Meth and Heroin and still staggering round looking for something stronger !

I have a 280K Volume pot (Jonathan's Idea and works brilliantly). It has a more pronounced 'Hump' in Volume Gain and was fitted for me to clean up easier without losing too much volume so i can go from pissed angry animal to well behaved Choirboy and any amount of Wallop inbetween.

The build of the unit is so obviously hand made and it's a joy to see. All the very subtle small differences between that and a mass produced piece make an overall massive difference to what you see and feel. It even looks mean to start with having the screw pole pieces - it's instantly noticeable.

Ok so the Neck. Californian.

Yes, i get it. A Strat, but not quite a Strat. The uniqueness (wow, that's actually a word !) of the tone is an interesting thing to have on it's own but when you hear it in my Guitar, which was already a brand new Baja Tele and then fully refinished in Oil by Jonathan, it sings. I love the idea of playing Gilmour / Pink Floyd songs with this and seeing people's faces when they are watching a Telecaster make that noise !!! Through the right pedals and into the right amp, that is easily within this pickups range. As i said, the clarity is abundant here but to hear that in between tone [Strat and Tele] is what shifts the ears expectations and that's what is it's defining quality - it raises eyebrows and then commands the ears to accept it's clear and unique tone.

To look at - Hahaha. It literally changed it's landscape just by getting rid of the chrome covered style. Again, little touches like thr string winding and flat pole pieces give it a mysterious appearance but to see it next to the Bakelite scratchplate i had fitted when Jonathan did the refinish is literally stunning and changes the look of the guitar even further.

When switched together it's the tone you expect from a Tele in the middle position but as previously said, it's just got more, that is until you roll some volume of and you're right back to traditional Tele behaviour.

In all 3 positions the Tone control is now promoted to a much more valuable component in the whole noise making machine. It lends to each pickup in different ways and genuinely surprises me every time i use it.

Thanks for what you built for me man - It really has transformed 'Great' into 'Completely Awesome'.


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