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"WOW! ..... what a great sound. Clear, robust, articulate, and twangy. A really great confident sounding pickup. I am very pleased!

I like the sound so much the problem I now have is whether I keep my guitar as a 1 pickup Esquire or save up to buy a matching neck pickup.

What a dilemma! I have owned and played 100s of guitars in the last 40 years and I have to say this is a really spectacular piece of kit!

My congratulations and thanks for making something this good.

I really can't remember anything that comes even close." Andy

"'TheTriple Blues Transformed my USA Standard Strat... these are up with the best!' Bill

About the Thames Delta Tele™ bridge pickup: “I love it, the cutting edge to the tone, it's bright yet dark … and the notes really hold together... I've owned A LOT of pickups and this is one of the best I've played.” Matt

‘I cannot remember anything that sounded better than this ... I can only sum up by saying it's staying in, and I am VERY picky about my gear....oh yeh, and THANKS

....oh yeh, and when are the P90's due out (bridge/soap-bar/cream please) Alf

You might remember that last month you made me a 'Hard Man' Strat pick-up. I thought it would be polite to give you a little feed back now I've had a good chance to evaluate it.
One word really, phenomenal! It's quite simply the very best pick-up I've had the good fortune to play through. At last my Strat does 'metal'. Power, sensitivity but retaining the essential 'Stratiness', and at last that over
shrill top-end has been tamed. The pick-up is also a beautiful match for the '69’ custom shop neck pick-up.
I can't thank you enough.
Fondest regards,

Hi, I thought you might want to hear a bit of feedback on the above pickup I purchased a while back from yourselves.

I purchased it as a replacement to go into a very nice custom built telecaster belonging to my daughter's guitar tutor.

Well... ever since we returned the guitar he just hasn't recorded or played with anything else, he cannot lavish enough praise on the guitar and its sounds! All he's had to do is adjust the "ride-height" following my setup.

Thanks for an excellent pickup.


“I recently purchased a set of Oil City Hard Man pickups for my Fender Telecaster. It’s a rather special guitar – unusually heavy-bodied with a beautiful tiger-stripe neck – that sounds terrific acoustically with loads of sustain but always sounded a bit weak pickup-wise, even though the original pickups were Fender Custom Shop. In an attempt to strengthen the sound I wired the pickups in series rather than parallel, which helped, but I still didn’t like the sound of the neck pickup and the bridge pickup was always very microphonic.

Enter the Oil City Hard Man pickups. What a transformation! The neck pickup sounds very Strat’y and the bridge pickup is a total revelation – really loud but with loads of tone and twang – you can get authentic country sounds but when cranked up it’ll overdrive a Fender Twin Reverb, no problem. And the series wiring works so well – it mellows the sound a little but still has loads of volume and the tone is fantastic – real pedal-steel territory – brings tears to your eyes.

Overall I can’t thank Ash at Oil City enough – his pricing and service make it complete no-brainer – BUY OIL CITY PICKUPS NOW!!!!!”


Just got my guitar back from my tech, with Scrapyard Dog Plus pickups fitted, coil tapped and new electrics.
Bloody hell what a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!
Original guitar: Like being hit in the face by a feather.
New set up: Baseball bat round the chops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guitar has turned into a monster: massive sustain on the neck pickup plus creamy smooth tones across the board.
Bridge pickup is a great big nasty snarling beasty that young children should run away from!!
These fabulous pickups have transformed my guitar. It is truly brilliant!! and overwhelms the 8" speaker in my Epi VJ.
 Can't praise them enough, and your absolutely excellent service.
Cheers mate and I am so glad I have bought this kit.
 Cheers Roland

Customer’s comments

Oil City pickups have no connection with Fender Musical Instruments Gibson or Gretsch.

People have said very kind things about our pickups … thank you

Home Products about contact us Help and faqs