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Strat bridge pickup baseplate kit.

Calm some of that top end treble and fatten that bridge pickup.

Made in the US and gun blued to match our Tele plates, these help boost the inductance of any strat pickup and tame those ice-pick tones that some generate.

Fitting instructions  here.

£7.50 + £2.99 P&P

£10.00 + £3.99 P&P

Telecaster base plate kit

Our gun blued steel Tele base plates have become so popular we are  offering you the chance to retro fit them to pickups that either weren’t fitted with baseplates at all, or were fitted with brass (which unfortunately does not have the traditional Tele sound).

Supplied with fitted earth lead and mounting hardware. Note ... Some skill is required to fit this kit.

Full fitting instructions here.

 Pickup baseplates