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Hi from ‘Oily Towers!’

Above:The first bass I built and sold in 1979

Hi, I’m Ash, and I started Oil City.

I come from an engineering family: my father worked in rocket development and was a small scale inventor … my grandfather, an aircraft engineer. I learned to use a lathe and a drill press while I still had to be lifted up to the work bench. However, perhaps disappointingly for them, the music industry called to me from an early age.

I built my first electric guitar aged fifteen then spent time ‘learning the trade’ as a repair man in a guitar shop in the seventies … eventually owning a music shop in the nineties … I can really only admit to short bouts of having a ‘proper job,’ the guitar industry being my constant fallback.

After an irksome bout of redundancy a few years ago that ushered me out of a brief intermission working in further education (where I was getting too snug anyway), it was suggested by my good friend Tim Bailey that a venture be made into manufacturing … and thus was born Oil City pickups!

The ethos behind Oil City is ‘service, above all’ … coupled with value for money, quality of craftsmanship and innovation that hark back to simpler times.

Thanks to all those who have believed in me since the early days ... you honestly don’t realise how much it has meant!’